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No. IMS4L is not a caravan insurer. We only compare caravan insurance quotes from other insurance providers. We do not sell insurance products nor do we advise which products to purchase. IMS4L are completely independent with no preferential insurers or partners. We take a small commission from every caravan insurance policy which is sold via our website.

We have a comprehensive panel of caravan insurance brokers and insurers, however there are some providers which we cannot work with as they do not share their rates on comparison websites.

We provide quotes for all types of caravan insurance including Single Axle, Twin Axle, 5th Wheeler RV, Folding Caravans and Pop Top Caravans. You can choose between Market Value or New for Old cover and add aditional cover for your contents and awning.

We do everything we can to ensure the security of our service. We adhere to current data protection rules and meet web standards for online security. All our partners must meet industry recognised regulatory requirements. 

We will ask you all the questions necessary for our service to work, and for our providers to generate a quote. You can find more details about the types of questions we ask below. We will also store your details if you create an account in order for you to save quotes online. We will not share your details with insurance providers unless you ask us to and we will never share or sell your data to other third parties.

We encourage all our partners to allow customers to buy their policy online. If you prefer, you can call the provider directly to discuss the policy and purchase.


How to get quotes

To get started we will just need some personal details such as your name, address and occupation, as well as the number of years you have held your licence. After that you can tell us a bit more about your caravan. We will ask about the manufacturer, model and year of manufacture. We’ll also ask when you bought it and how you use it (for example, personal, family, or business use).

You’ll need to identify your caravan by type, such as:

  • The single axle caravan – The majority of caravans have a single axle and are between 3 and 6.5 metres long inside. Depending on the interior layout, they can sleep between two and six people.
  • The twin axle caravan – Larger and heavier caravans may be fitted with twin axles.
  • Folding caravans – Folding caravans are easier to store and tow, but they need to be erected on site every time you camp.
  • Pop top caravan – Pop tops use a lifting roof to give standing headroom in an otherwise small caravan.
  • 5th Wheeler RV – Rather than having a normal caravan hitch, they can only be towed by a pickup truck with a proper articulated towing connection on the bed.
Security features

For security reasons we’ll need to know if your caravan has an alarm or tracking device fitted. You can also let us know of any additional security you have which you believe is relevant such as; wheel clamp, hitchlock, axle wheel locking device, hitchpost, Anti Snake Device, CRiS Extra Identification Kit, Extra Security Tagging, Extra Wheel Clamps, Locking Corner Steadies, Locking Wheel Nuts, Micro Tag Security Markings, Mule, Security Post, SmartWater Security System, Stop-theft ID Kit, Thief-beaters ID Kit.

Tailor your cover

Finally, you can tailor your cover to suit your needs. Set your excess and select the values you would like to insure for your personal effects, equipment and awning and choose from New for Old or Market Value. Then click “next” to compare caravan insurance policies from a variety of providers.

That’s it, easy! You can use any mobile device and save quotes for later so you can start a quote at any time and come back to it later. Get the cover you want, at a price you can afford and start saving today!


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