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Unlike car insurance, caravan insurance is not a legal requirement. You can tow or use your caravan without having a valid insurance policy in place. However, if your caravan is damaged, destroyed or stolen you won’t be covered. Unless you’re happy to take a risk, having a specialist caravan insurance policy is a good idea.

There are two types of caravan insurance:

  • Touring caravan insurance – This provides cover for your caravan whilst it is being towed by your car, when it is stored and when it is in use on a site. If you own a touring caravan then this is the type of policy you’ll need, even if you don’t travel with it.
  • Static caravan insurance – Unlike touring caravans, static caravans are designed to spend most of their time in one place. If you own a static caravan then you’ll need a different type of policy. You’ll still be covered against theft or damage but this type of policy is closer to home insurance than car insurance. 

What cover options are available?

    • There are two different types of cover available for caravans:

      New for old cover – This ensures that if your caravan is stolen or damaged beyond repair it can be replaced with a new caravan of the same make/model and specification. When you get quotes you’ll need to make sure that the sum insured reflects the full replacement value of an equivalent new caravan. 

      Market value – In the event of a total loss, you will be able to claim up to the current market value of the caravan at the date of the incident. Again, you’ll need to ensure that you give the correct value of the caravan when you get quotes. If you’re not sure then you can check the value of equivalent caravans online, or check with a local dealer or expert.

      Depending on the age of your caravan, some insurers may only offer market value cover. When you compare caravan insurance quotes you can switch between the two types of cover, to see which is right for you.

    • When you get quotes, you can also include cover for the contents and equipment you keep in your caravan, or the possessions you take out with you:

      Caravan Contents & Personal effects – Contents cover protects the items you keep in your caravan, whilst personal effects extends to items you take with you. Check your home insurance policy before you compare caravan insurance quotes, as you might already be covered. 

      Caravan equipment – This provides cover for additional equipment which is specific to your caravan, and only used for caravanning. This can include things like: Security such as tracking devices, alarms, wheel clamps, hitchlocks, axle wheel lock inserts. Plus items such as motor movers, steps, water carriers, bedding, cooking equipment, folding tables, deckchairs, TVs, and wheel chocks.

      Awnings – You can also add cover for your awning. Some insurers may only cover the awning whilst the caravan is in use and not in storage. If you’re not sure then it’s worth checking with the insurer after you get quotes.

    • Some insurers offer breakdown cover as an optional extra. If you breakdown whilst towing your caravan, then this can help you get back on the road quickly and safely. If you already have car breakdown cover then it’s worth checking whether you are covered whilst towing a caravan, as it’s not always offered as standard.

    • If you plan to holiday in the EU then you’ll need to add EU cover to ensure your caravan insurance policy is still valid. If you don’t add it, then you won’t be protected whilst travelling. Most insurers will cover up to a certain number of days per year, so check the policy wording before you buy.

    • This provides at least £50,000 of legal expenses cover in the event that you have to take legal action following a claim that was not your fault (e.g. to recover losses for a personal injury, your excess, or travel expenses).

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How much is it to insure a caravan?

The cost of caravan insurance varies widely, but the average price is around £165 for a touring caravan policy and £140 for a static caravan policy.* The actual amount you pay depends on the type of caravan you’re insuring, where and how it’s used and stored, and your own claims history and personal circumstances. The easiest way to check is to compare caravan insurance quotes online. You’ll need to answer a number of questions including:

  • Caravan type – There are different types of static and touring caravans. As you’d expect, larger models tend to be more expensive to insure. Find out more about the different types of static caravans, and the different types of touring caravans.
  • Caravan age, make and model – Older models tend to be cheaper, but newer models will usually come with more built in security. The age of your caravan also affects the type of cover you can get. Some insurers will only offer Market Value or New for Old cover depending on the age of the caravan.
  • Caravan usage – Do you use your caravan frequently or a couple of times a year? Do you allow family members to use it, or rent it out privately? How you use your caravan can affect the price you pay for insurance. 
  • Security – It’s important to keep your caravan secure. There are lots of different security devices you can use but most touring caravan insurance policies will require you to secure your caravan with hitchlock and/or wheelclamp as a minimum. 
  • Storage – Most caravans will spend a lot of their time in storage, so how and where you store your caravan can also affect the price you pay. Use secure locations, preferably free from storm and flood conditions.
  • Claims history – If you’ve made a claim on a previous caravan, car or home insurance policy then this might affect your premium.

* Average top quote for customer Jan-Jun 2020

How can I get lower cost caravan insurance?

If you’re looking for cheaper caravan insurance then there are a few things you can do:

  • Invest in better security – Most modern caravans already come with alarms and immobilisers but you could try adding a tracking device or tagging system to reduce your quotes.
  • Use secure locations – Where you store your caravan can greatly impact your premiums. Try to use CaSSOA approved storage facilities where possible, and look for sites and locations with perimeter fencing, CCTV, gates and guards.
  • Don’t double-up on cover – Before you get a quote, it’s worth checking your home insurance policy to see if it covers your caravan contents and/or personal effects. 
  • Shop around – Although it’s easy to stick with your current insurer, you could save money by shoping around. Before you renew your policy you should compare caravan insurance quotes online to make sure you’re still getting a good deal.
  • Don’t leave it too late – Policies purchased well in advance of the renewal date tend to be cheaper than those bought the day before. Try getting a quote 21 days before renewal.


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