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Getting an insurance quote is now more simple than ever. However before you compare caravan insurance quotes you’ll need to be able to identify different caravan types. There are a handful of popular styles of caravan in the UK.

Single Axle Conventional Caravan

The single axle caravan is the most common seen on UK roads. They are between are between 3 and 6.5 metres long, can sleep between 2 and 6 people and have a variety of different layouts on the inside. Most will feature a combination of beds, chairs, tables, a washroom with toilet, sink and shower, and a kitchen area with a hob and work surface. Single axle caravans are adored by their owners for their versatility and practicality.

Twin Axle Caravan

Larger caravans may be fitted with an additional axle. This helps increase stability for some of the more luxurious caravans in the market. The larger size allows for additional space or special features which may not be available in conventional caravans. However, they also tend to be less manoeuvrable and can be more restricted by roads and campsites.

Folding Caravan

If storage space is an issue, this might be the caravan for you! These clever campers fold-up for storage and transport but can unfold on site to become a fully-fledged caravan. Although this process can be a little time consuming the benefits often outweigh this drawback. Folding caravans can also be competitively priced, making them an attractive option for budget sensitive owners.

Pop top caravan

Although they were once a fashionable option, these caravans have failed to maintain their popularity. Like their campervan cousins, they feature a lifting roof which allows for more headroom when the caravan is pitched. When the roof is collapsed pop tops can usually be stored in conventional garages which again helps those with little storage space.

American Airstream

Though they may seem more at home in the Las Vegas desert, these caravans can now be found in the UK. However the British counterparts have usually been adapted to suit smaller roads, and are still one of the more uncommon caravan types.

Fifth Wheelers

Another American import is the fifth wheeler caravan. Many offer impressive living space and have fold out sections to make for an even more luxurious camping experience once you arrive at a site. Due to their size and design fifth wheelers can only be towed by pickup trucks, so their popularity in the UK is still limited.

Caravans come in a range of different shapes and styles. You should now be able to identify the most popular caravan types for insurance purposes. Remember that quotes will vary depending on the size and type of caravan you are insuring, so it is always better to compare quotes to ensure you’re getting a good deal.