Types of Static Caravan

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Static caravans are prefabricated homes which are designed to be affordable and versatile. As the name suggests, they tend to be less maneuverable than their “Tourer” cousins but can still be transported by road. They are also larger and more spacious than touring caravans. There are two main types of static caravan:

Single Unit Static Caravan

Single unit static caravans are the most common static caravan we see in the UK. If you’ve ever been to a caravan park and seen rows of rectangular caravans, they were most likely single unit statics. They come in a variety of different lengths and usually measure 10 or 12 foot wide. They’re particularly suited to couples or small families.

Twin Unit Static Caravan

Twin unit static caravans are larger and need to be transported in two separate parts. Once they arrive on site they can then be bolted together. Their additional size can make them more practical and comfortable, particularly for larger families with younger children. Twin units are also often used as permanent homes.

Other types of static caravan

Log cabins and lodges are single or twin unit statics with timber or wood-effect cladding. The visually appealing effect makes the caravan look more like a traditional log cabin. They can be expensive, and so are usually found at the higher end of the market.

Park homes are single or twin unit static caravans designed to be permanent residences. They often come with additional insulation to make them more energy efficient and warmer in the colder months. Park homes can be finished with an external render, making them look more like permanent structures.

Static caravan features

When you think of static caravans you may imagine tired, flimsy homes in muddy fields from holidays gone by. However, today’s mobile homes couldn’t be further from this. Through advancements in technology and design, modern mobile homes can offer shear luxury to holiday makers and home owners alike.  Central heating, double glazing and energy-efficient boilers are now common. You can also find mobile homes kitted out with the latest technology features such as high speed broadband and flat screen TVs!

Static caravan manufactures

There are a number of different manufacturers of mobile homes in the UK, including Abi, Carnaby and Willerby. If you’re thinking of buying a mobile home it may also be wise to explore the second hand market too!