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We’ve made it easy to compare car insurance quotes from top insurers. Compare prices and cover options to find the right policy for you. Click to buy online and get covered in minutes. See how much you could save!


Many insurers offer their best deals to new customers. So the longer you stay with your insurer, the more likely you are to pay a higher premium. Comparing car insurance quotes at least once a year at renewal ensures you’re still getting a good deal, so you save money!

Even if you’re not at renewal, it might be worth getting a comparison quote.

What are the different types of car insurance available?

There are three different types of car insurance:

Third Party Only – This covers you if you have an accident which causes damage or injury to other people or their property. It is the minimum level of car insurance required to drive in the UK.

Third Party, Fire & Theft – As above but with the added benefit of paying our should your vehicle be damaged by fire or stolen.

Comprehensive – The most common form of car insurance. You get all the benefits of the above levels of cover, plus protection if you have an accident. Depending on the policy you may also have cover against windscreen damage, legal expenses, breakdown and more. Top tip! – Although Comprehensive offers the highest level of cover, it does not necessarily come at the highest cost. Depending on your circumstances, comprehensive insurance may work out cheaper than Third Party.

What brands do you compare?

We’re frequently adding new brands to our panel of insurers. If you can’t get a suitable quote today then please check back in a few months.