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What is Laid Up Car Insurance?

When you’re not driving your car for a long period of time, you can apply for a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification). Once your car is declared SORN you don’t need to pay tax or insure it. However your car will still be at risk of fire, theft or accidental damage.

Some car owners choose to purchase laid up car insurance (aka SORN insurance) to help protect their vehicle against these risks. It’s usually cheaper than standard car insurance, as it doesn’t cover you whilst driving.

  • Fire & Theft insurance provides cover for your vehicle if it is damaged by fire or stolen whilst it’s declared SORN. It’s the most common form of laid up car insurance and is often the cheapest.
  • Fire, Theft & Accidental Damage is similar to Fire & Theft cover but also provides cover for your vehicle if it is damaged by mistake whilst it’s declared SORN. Policies can be a little more expensive and different insurers will offer slightly different levels of cover so always check the policy wording before you buy.