If you’re thinking of buying a SORN vehicle then there’s a few things you should consider. A SORN can’t be transferred from a previous owner – once you buy and tax the vehicle, the SORN will expire – so you can’t technically buy a vehicle that has a SORN. However there’s nothing stopping you from buying a SORN vehicle and then declaring it SORN again after you’ve bought it.

If you want to test-drive a SORN beforehand, you’ll need to make a few arrangements first. Firstly you’ll need to be insured under a valid car insurance policy. A SORN insurance policy will not cover you for test drives. Secondly, you or the owner of the vehicle will have to organise tax for the vehicle which can be arranged either annually or monthly.

Even unknowingly driving a SORN car could invalidate your insurance if you were involved in an incident while behind the wheel. If you’re in any doubt, check if a vehicle has a SORN applied beforehand. As long as you have the registration number, you can check it with the DVLA. You can also confirm other useful details here, such as when its tax and MOT expires.