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Motorhome insurance can protect you and your vehicle from unexpected costs. The amount of cover you get depends on the type of policy you buy. The most basic policies will protect your motorhome from fire and theft in the UK. Other policies can cover you against damages, breakdowns, injuries and more.

In the UK motorhome insurance is a legal requirement. So unless your vehicle is declared SORN, you’ll need to insure it. Most insurers will only cover your vehicle if it’s legally registered as a motorhome. If you’re not sure then check the V5C document. If you have a converted campervan then you may need to apply to the DVLA to have it registered as a motorhome. 

How much is Motorhome Insurance?

The cost of motorhome insurance varies widely. On average, most customers pay around £300 – £500*. When you compare motorhome insurance you’ll be asked to provide some personal information. The answers you give will enable the insurers to generate your quote. The price you then pay is calculated based on a number of different risk factors including:

  • Your age, occupation and address – Younger drivers can usually expect to pay more. Some locations are considered higher risk than others, so depending on where you live, you could end up paying more.
  • Driving history – Have you been driving a motorhome for years or are you a newbie? Generally, more experienced drivers will pay less. If you have recently passed your test then you can expect to pay more.
  • Claims history – The more no claims bonus you build the less you should pay for insurance, so it always helps to drive safe!
  • Your motorhome – Insurers will not only consider cost, but also age, engine size, body type, features, modifications and accessories.
  • Security and storage – Most modern motorhomes come with alarms and immobilisers as standard. You can also buy a range of after-market security features such as trackers and clamps. You should try to keep your vehicle at a secure location, either at home or an approved site.
  • Usage – The more time your motorhome spends on the road, the more risk it poses. Try to keep mileage to a minimum. If your motorhome or campervan is your only vehicle then you can expect to pay more for insurance, and many insurers may not be able to provide a quote at all. 

* Average top quote for customers Jan – Jun 2020.

How to get cheaper motorhome insurance

Motorhome insurance can be expensive but there are some simple things you can try to reduce the amount you pay:

  • Shop around – You should never auto-renew your policy before you compare motorhome insurance quotes online first. You could save hundreds of pounds. This is particularly important if your circumstances have changed, for instance if you’ve moved or have been involved in an accident.
  • Don’t leave it last minute – Research shows that most customers pay less if they purchase their insurance a few days in advance. If you leave it till the day before your renewal is due then you can expect to pay more, so don’t delay!
  • Invest in more security – There are a whole range of after-market security devices available which can help protect your motorhome, from trackers and tags, to clamps and locks. 
  • Increase your excess – Increasing the amount you pay in the event of a claim can reduce your premium, but also reduces the amount of money you’ll get in the event of a claim. Be careful, and don’t raise the excess to an amount that you’re uncomfortable with.

What cover options are available?

    • Third Party Only – This covers damage to other people’s property and liability to other’s injuries. It is the minimum extent of cover required by law. If you’re looking for cheap motorhome insurance, this might be worth exploring.

      Third Party Fire & Theft – Similar to the above with the addition of cover for fire damage or theft of your motorhome. This option will not cover any accidental damage to your vehicle or injuries to yourself.

      Comprehensive – Comprehensive cover offers a more extensive option than TPO and TPFT but often at a higher price. As well as covering you for at-fault damage comprehensive cover will normally offer a range of optional extras including personal effects cover, breakdown cover and key cover.

    • If you’re unable to use your motorhome then some insurers will provide cover for alternative accommodation, or the hire of an alternative van. Check the policy wording as the specifics vary by insurers.

    • All motorhome insurance policies will cover you when driving in the UK, but some will offer additional cover for driving in the EU. If you’re planning on holidaying abroad then this is a must, so when you compare motorhome insurance quotes you’ll need to select those with EU cover included.

    • This can be useful if your motorhome breaks down whilst in use. You can either get standard UK breakdown cover, or EU breakdown cover, which also covers you if you breakdown whilst travelling in the EU. Check the policy wording to find out exactly what is and isn’t covered.

    • Some insurers will offer additional cover to provide financial if there is an accident involving your motorhome and you are not to blame. Legal Assistance cover will help you claim from the person responsible. Generally you will be covered if your claim has a greater than 50% of success and the claim limit will vary between insurers.

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Motorhomes come in different shapes and sizes, from small micro campers to giant American RVs. They’re usually purpose built vehicles with a range of facilities including a bed, seating area, cooker, fridge, shower and toilet. Campervans tend to be smaller than motorhomes with more basic features. When you get a quote you’ll need to know what class your motorhome or camper fits into. If you’re not sure then you could check with the dealer you bought it from, or check out our guide below.

When it comes to insurance, most providers will offer policies which cover motorhomes and campervans. However some may only cover vehicles up to a certain body and engine size.

Who has the best motorhome insurance?

There are many different motorhome insurance providers in the UK. Most offer a range of policies suited to different needs, so it’s hard to distinguish between the best and worst. You should always check that you’re buying from a genuine insurer with FCA approval and be weary of anyone who claims to be offering insurance at a cut price via unconventional mediums (eg. social media, free-add sites). If you’re looking for cheap motorhome insurance then compare motorhome insurance quotes online.


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