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No. IMS4L is not a motorhome insurer. We only compare motorhome insurance quotes from other insurance providers. IMS4L does not sell insurance products nor do we advise which products to purchase. We are completely independent with no preferential insurers or partners. We take a small commission from every motorhome insurance policy which is sold via our website.

We have a comprehensive panel of motorhome insurance brokers and insurers, however there are some providers which we cannot work with as they do not share their rates on comparison websites.

We provide quotes for all types of motorhome insurance including Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft and Third Party only. Our panel provides quotes for most models, makes and body types including coachbuilt, low profile, van conversions, RVs and more.

We do everything we can to ensure the security of our service. We adhere to current data protection rules and meet web standards for online security. All our partners must meet industry recognised regulatory requirements. 

We will ask you all the questions necessary for our service to work, and for our providers to generate a quote. You can find more details about the types of questions we ask below. We will also store your details if you create an account in order for you to save quotes online. We will not share your details with insurance providers unless you ask us to and we will never share or sell your data to other third parties.

We encourage all our partners to allow customers to buy their policy online. If you prefer, you can call the provider directly to discuss the policy and purchase.


How to get quotes

The quote process is simple. You’ll need to provide some personal details about yourself and the person or persons seeking cover. This can include things like driving history, years’ of no claims or current unspent convictions.

You’ll need to have some details about your motorhome handy including value, mileage, berths, make and model. Our vast panel of insurers provide quotes for almost any style of motorhome.

Types of motorhomes
  • Low Profile – A popular model in the UK and Europe. Low profile motorhomes are built using the cab and chassis from a standard van.
  • Coachbuilt (Overcab) – Similar to a low profile motorhome. The overcab area can provide extra storage or a sleeping area.
  • Campervan – Over the last decade Volkswagen campervans have developed a sub-culture with a devoted fan base. Campervans are small vans which provide some kind of living/sleeping experience. Although they do not necessarily have to be VWs by definition, most are!
  • Van Conversion – Some larger vans are also converted into campervans. They generally offer more living space and comfort.
  • American RV (recreational vehicle) – These vehicles are particularly popular in the US but are now frequently imported into the UK. Most RVs are larger than average and offer more luxurious travelling experiences.
  • Micro – These little campers are usually based on small vans or even cars! They usually provide sleeping space for 2 adults and feature basic kitchen equipment.

You will also have to provide further details regarding the vehicles security, usage and general condition. Remember to state any modifications you have made or any accessories you’ve fitted.

Levels of motorhome insurance

You can choose from comprehensive, third party, or third party fire and theft cover. You can also adjust your voluntary excess to change the premium.

After filling in the details honestly you can then proceed to get quotes. Our service will compare a large number of quotes to find the cheapest monthly and annual cost. Compare a range of different covers with added benefits such as loss of use cover, legal assistance, European cover and UK or European breakdown.

If you see an option you like, click through for more detailed product information and for the chance to purchase.

Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, we can help you get your insurance sorted fast, giving you more time to spend camping! So get ready to compare motorhome insurance with Insure My Stuff for Less today.



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