Holiday Travel Hates

With the holiday season coming to a close for another year, we are yet again preparing to get back into routine, with work, school and daily life to resume as “normal” until the next holiday period. During this time it’s easy to remember what was great about your last holiday, whilst skimming over those not-so-great memories. Although we can take the stress out of insurance with our motorhome insurance comparison and caravan insurance comparison service, we can’t solve all your holiday travel hates. So we thought we would put together a collection of common nuisances which occur whilst you’re on the road. By the time you have finished reading you may be thankful that it’s all over!

Are we nearly there yet?

Did you just shudder? Despite usually being used only two or three months a year, this phrase is not welcome on any journey. The worst thing about it is the more it is used, the more annoying it gets!

Filling up

Whether it’s the queues at the station, the limited turning space, or just the price of fuel, filling up can cause many a headache on a road trip.


Muddy campsites and sandy beaches can be great fun for everyone… Except the person who has to clean the vehicle after the holiday. There are a couple of different approaches to this problem:

  1. The “keep it clean” approach: Insist that all passengers must not step in the vehicle until they have brushed off any sand or dirt from their shoes, feet, body and hair. No equipment can enter the vehicle unless it has been thoroughly cleaned. WARNING – this approach may not be suitable for those with pets or small children.
  2. The “i’m on holiday” approach: Take a slack attitude to cleanliness throughout the holiday, anything goes. WARNING – Vehicle may require extensive post-holiday cleaning!

Backseat drivers and bad navigators

If you are used to driving alone on your commute, with no one but Bruce Springsteen for company, the prospect of a Motorhome full of friends or family could be very welcoming. However, after a couple of hours of “oh look at that!” or “turn left… no not that left!” you may be left wishing for Bruce to come back.

Car sickness

“I feel sick” is the equivalent of an emergency call to a driver, however rather than the swift, efficient response which is issued from the emergency services, this call is met with mass panic throughout the vehicle as passengers try to fashion an emergency “sick bucket” out of whatever they can find nearby, whilst keeping a safe distance from the passenger.

The driver’s job is to find a safe place to stop, before it’s too late!


Our number 1 pet hate for holiday travel. It is usually the driver’s job to pack the vehicle ready for the holiday, which normally turns into a game of giant Tetris as a collection of suitcases, bags and supplies are squeezed into an area a third of its size. And just when you think you’ve won the game you realise there is another level… The return trip, with double the luggage!

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