The VW campervan has become an iconic image of camping and caravanning. From the 1950’s onwards there have been a host of campervan conversions often based on the VW “Type 2” van also known as the Transporter, Microbus or Kombi depending on body type. The vans became particularly popular in the mid to late 60’s hippy and surfer movements.

Nowadays the vans have a massive following amongst enthusiasts. Many owners and dealers specialise in the restoration or conversion of the vans. Until recently new vans, made to the original specifications were still being manufactured in Brazil. However in December 2013 production ceased due to new safety standards.

Did you know? – VW Campervans are often referred to as “Splittys” due to the split in the front windshield.

VW Campervan Styles

There are many different styles of the VW campervan including the earlier “Type 1” van. Most styles have several official and unofficial names.

Panel – VW panel vans were produced primarily as delivery vehicles. They feature an opaque panel in place of the side windows and are uncommon as campervans. Some models also feature side doors and raised roofs.

Samba-Bus – This colourfully named model came with the highest trim level available, including a cloth sunroof and small windows above the main side windows.

Westfalia – Also known as “Westy’s”, Westfalia Campers were conversions of the standard VW type 2. Westfalia Campers were available from Volkswagen dealers worldwide and came with a host of standard and optional equipment including ice boxes, a sink and awnings.

VW Campervan Insurance

There are a number of insurers which specialise in VW campervans. When you compare campervan insurance your quote will vary depending on the age and style of your vehicle, and its usage. Many insurers will offer quotes for both private and professional use, such as events hire or chauffeur services.

Before you get a quote make sure you have as much information about your vehicle as possible. Many campervans are personalised or have custom built elements, so make sure you have details regarding any extra features which may have been fitted by yourself, a previous owner or professional service. If you fail to declare customisations at the quote stage, your VW campervan insurance policy may be invalidated in the event of a claim. As well as covering the campervan itself, many providers will also offer contents insurance for any equipment or valuables which are kept in the vehicle. This can be particularly useful if you regularly take your campervan camping or use it for professional purposes.

You’ll need to consider the value of your vehicle in both real and sentimental terms and check carefully to see what the insurer offers. Some policies will offer a market price, whereas others will offer an agreed value. This can enable you to suggest an amount you would like to receive in the event of a loss. Setting your voluntary excess allows can help you reduce the price of your VW Campervan Insurance, but make sure you consider the amount you would have to pay in the event of a claim. A few quid saved today could mean a few £100 to pay later!

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