If you drive for Uber then insurance is vital. Not only does it form part of the Uber background check for drivers, but it is also a legal requirement. However many people are still unaware of the Uber insurance requirements for drivers. So what type of insurance is needed to drive for Uber?

Insurance needed for Uber drivers

If you’d like to drive for Uber then you’ll need appropriate cover, and a standard car insurance policy is not enough. As you are carrying paying passengers you’ll need Private Hire insurance. And you’ll need to declare that you drive for Uber.

Private Hire insurance covers vehicles which pick up passengers for pre-booked rides. It covers you against road traffic accidents which cause injury or damage. Much like car insurance, it is available in three main forms. third party, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive. A private hire insurance policy does not cover traditional taxis which pick up customers from the street.

Uber insurance coverage for passengers

A Private Hire insurance policy will also cover most injuries to passengers. However many Uber drivers choose to hold additional cover. Public liability insurance can help cover compensation claims from Uber passengers. For example, a passenger’s property may be damaged in your car, or they may hurt themselves getting in or out of your vehicle. If a claim is made against you then public liability insurance can help cover the costs.

Which insurance companies cover Uber?

Most taxi insurance companies will cover Uber drivers. As an impartial advisor with no preferential partners, we are unable to list specific brokers on our site. However, you can compare taxi insurance quotes and get instant prices on our site.

Cost of Uber insurance

As with any insurance, the price you pay for your policy depends on the broker and your specific circumstances. Insurers use a variety of data to assess the risk you present as a driver. The more hours you spend on the road at peak times the more you will pay. If you’ve had previous motoring restrictions or claims, this may also increase your quote.

All valid Private Hire policies should meet minimum Uber insurance requirements. However check the policy wording carefully and make sure you understand what’s covered. When comparing quotes remember that price is just one factor, and add-ons and special features can all add value to a policy.

What insurance does Uber provide?

The type of insurance provided by Uber varies by Country. In the US drivers receive adequate liability cover when they are on a job. Unfortunately insurance for Uber drivers in the UK is much more limited. Uber does provide a partner protection programme which should cover you against loss of income due to “life-changing” events. However, this insurance will not adequately or legally cover you when driving.

Driving for Uber can be rewarding. Many drivers like the flexibility and autonomy of the service. However, it is important to remember your liabilities as a driver. It is your responsibility to understand the insurance requirements for Uber drivers. If you don’t have adequate insurance or you are under-insured you could find yourself with fines to pay or worse. Make sure you do your research and, if in doubt, speak to your insurance provider. And compare quotes for Uber drivers online today.